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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

September 23, 2014

The opportunity of a lifetime. I believe it really is for some. Norwex has been such an incredible journey
for me that I want to share it with everyone. I really started out just looking for the tax benefits that
come with owning a home-based business, but then I saw the real benefits of our products – the health
benefits that come with removing the toxic chemicals from our homes. I have seen people’s eczema
sooth and heal people with severe snoring find relief, asthma and allergy sufferers having much less
symptoms, and on and on. Life is easier without the burden of the toxic fumes in our homes that come
in the form of perfumed chemical cleaners.

Norwex has given me the opportunity to share this company and all its benefits – green cleaning,
chemical free cleaning, a great income, 8 tropical vacations in 8 years, and life-long friends throughout
North America. I am fortunate. I am blessed. And I want to be as generous to others as Norwex has
been to me.

So Norwex is offering a FREE starter kit this month. FREE! This kit is valued at $100.00 and has
everything you will need to really give Norwex a good look. There are some of our most popular
products to try for yourself, along with some business supplies to use when showing others. There is no
sales threshold to meet and no obligation to ever pay for your kit. So why not try it out? I don’t even
care if you are not interested in selling Norwex. Frankly, if you have not tried Norwex products, you
owe it to yourself and your family to check this out. I know you will love the products. If you do decide
to share them with others, you get 35% commission on the sales. AND you will be able to get all your
Norwex at 35% discount! What is there to hesitate about? Give me a call and I can get you hooked up
with the best products ever.

FREE YOURSELF from harmful chemicals, time-consuming cleaning, working for others, holiday debt,
costly commitments.

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